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Don't Waste Time

Posted By at Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Time is something we all think we have plenty of. Some people think they have plenty of time but circumstances or sickness cuts a life short so often.

My father retired at 65 years old, expecting to enjoy a long retirement with my mother after nearly 45 years of marriage together; but his life was cut short within three months by a sudden aneurysm in his aorta.

So we all need to make preparation for eternity. Live like you have a long time but prepare like it's today.

God expects us to be good stewards of our time. We need to use our time wisely and not waste it.

We all need to spend time alone with God. I'm not just talking about those five minutes in the morning and I'm not even talking about a one-hour session every morning. I'm talking about a daily communion between you and God. But you don't have to be living like a monk in some monastery up in the hills.

You can be alone with God and still have your normal lifestyle by just getting rid of other things that add so much busyness to your life. Turn off the television in the evenings. Turn off the radio in your car. Spend time by yourself in your room with no distractions. Switch off your phone or I-pad.

When it's quiet and you have nothing to distract your mind, you can hear that still small voice of the Holy Spirit. When God knows He has your undivided attention, He will impart wisdom and understanding to you. You will begin to grow and mature. You will begin to sharpen your edge.

Most people have been conditioned that they must always be doing something. If they're not in school, they must be at football practice. If they're not at practice, they must be at work. And if they're not at work, they must be at home getting themselves ready to start all over again the next day.

Have you ever had your electricity cut off during a storm? It can get very quiet with no radio, no television, no telephone—you don't even hear the hum of your refrigerator.

During those times many people are at a loss as to what to do, they have not practiced the presence of God on a regular basis!

What are you going to do? There's nothing to watch, nothing to listen to, nothing to input into our brain. It's just very still and quiet. Do you make it a family time where you just sit and talk? Do you take advantage of the quiet? Take time to meditate God's Word, listen to a teaching CD and learn from it.

Don't wait for the electricity to go out and you're forced to be quiet before God. If you're waiting for that, you've probably lost the edge already!

Why not commit to having that rich communion time with Him every day, make it your habit in 2018. Jesus made it a habit of spending time with His Father.


SPECIAL NOTICE: First Thursday Faith Connection starts next week, Thursday February 1, 2018 at 7.30 - 9.00pm, and will continue on the FIRST Thursday of each month through the rest of the year. The meetings will be a community outreach with teaching by Dr Norm. Invite friends and neighbours who need to be saved or need a touch from The Lord! BRIGHT SINGING, POWERFUL WORD MESSAGES and PRAYER FOR NEEDS will be the key!