About Family Faith Centre

Family Faith Centre is a Word of Faith group that has been operating in the northern suburbs of Melbourne for over 15 years and is a work of Dr Norman Campbell & his wife Elizabeth. Build your Faith, be encouraged and start to win in life through the Word of God.

Praise & worship & teaching of the Word takes place on Sunday morning at Mill Park from 10.30 am. Our Communion service is on the last Sunday of each month. Thursday Study Time operates weekly from 7 to 8:30pm. A great chance to stay connected by fellowshipping, praying and studying the Word as a church family. We will cover a topic per month, with a range of speakers, with February's subject being 'How to kick the worry habit!' Invite those who may be lonely, anxious or need a touch from The Lord!

For more information, go to times & locations.

If you need prayer, would like to order materials or have any questions, please contact us. We welcome you to this site & pray that this is just the beginning of a relationship that will help you know & understand your Heavenly Father in a deeper way.

A Heritage of Faith

Dr. Norman Campbell is an ordained Minister.  He is a Doctor of Divinity and has ministered around the world in churches & seminaries for over 40 years, having great success in motivating church leaders and laymen alike to act on God's Word instead of the circumstances.  Dr. Norm is called by God as an Ephesians 4:11 Teacher and author to the Body of Christ.

While working in the mid sixty's, he was seriously injured in a car accident & became a registered disabled person. His left leg was smashed in five places, resulting in 14 months in hospital and a serious battle with gangrene. At this time he found Jesus as Lord and Saviour. It was a long road to total recovery and wholeness, with many obstacles to overcome. His wife, Elizabeth; already a committed Christian, prayed for God to 'capture' Norman, save and heal him. However she did not contemplate him in Ministry. In 1971, after immigrating to Australia with his young family, a travelling Evangelist called Norman Armstrong prayed with Norman about his leg injury. In an instant of time, the Lord wonderfully and miraculously replaced 2 1/2 inches of bone which had been removed by the medical profession nearly six years before. Read more...

Worldwide Outreach

Two FREE weekly email studies, NORMality on Sunday and DR Norm's MIDWEEK FAITH BOOSTER on Wednesday, are presently sent to several thousand believers in 96 countries. To subscribe, please complete the subscription at the bottom of the page.